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Full text of "Minutes of the Mayo Baptist Association ... [serial]"

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Rockingham County, N, C. 





Stoked County, N. C. 



Greensborough, N. C. 



Rockingham County; j 
Matrimony Meeting House, May 16, 1840. 

1. The Association convened this day at 12 o'clock. Elder John 
Wilson preached the introductory sermon from Jeremiah, 25 and 
23 verses, " He that hath my word," &c. 

2. Letters from 9 Churches were read, and Messengers' names 


Clear Spring, Francis Fulton, *Robt. W. Hill, *Zach. GlidewelL , 

Matrimony, Geo. W. McNeely, James Garrett, Geo. K. Jones. 

Graham's, Jesse Fry, *A. White, Jun. 

Snow Creek, Berry Sisk; Lewis Shelton. 

Cascade, Pryor Reynolds, Thos. Murphey, Hardin Nance. 

Mill Creek, John France, James Hill, Gabriel Critz. 

X Roads, Henry Tatum, Nathan Massey, Joel Fagg. 

Sardis, John Wilson, William Fewel, Thomas Smith. 

State Line, Saml. Flipping, *Isaac Barnett, Jonah Flipping. 

3. Elders John Conner and George W. Conner, from New Riv- 
er, Elders Silas Minter and Othniel Minter, and Brethren Abner 
Stutts and Howard G. Hicks, from Pig River, Elder John Jones, 
from Fisher's River Associations being present, gave evidence of 
their appointments as Correspondents, and took their seats with us. 

4. Then chose Elders John Conner, Silas Minter and John Wil- 
son, with the Moderator and Clerk, a committee of arrangements. 

5. Then chose Elders John Conner, Silas Minter and Henry Ta- 
tum to preach on the Lord's day — worship to commence at 10 o'- 
clock. Then adjourned till Monday 9 o'clock. 

The brethren appointed to preach on the Lord's day met a large 
congregation. Elder Silas Minter preached from 2 Timothy, lstch. 
and 8th verse, " Be not therefore ashamed of the testimony," &c. 
Elder John Conner, from Romans 9th ch. and 33d verse, " As it is 
written," &c, and Elder Tatum, from Songs of Solomon, 2nd ch. 
and 14th verse, " O my dove," &c. We hope the labors ot the 
day will be attended with a divine blessing. 

Monday 18th. Met pursuant to adjournment. After prayer by 
the Moderator, proceeded to call over the names of the Messengers. 
Read the Rules of Decorum, Then called on the committee of ar- 

*Absent members 


rangements whose report was received and the committee dis- 

6. Brethren who were appointed to correspond with sister Asso- 
ciations reported satisfactorily and were discharged. 

7. Brethren who were appointed a Presbytery to attend to the 
request of the Arm of Sardis Church at Buffalow, reported that 
they attended and complied with their request by constituting them 
into a Church, and also ordained Joel Hawkins and Washington 
Ames to the office of Deacons, and on petition that Church was re- 
ceived into our body, the following Delegates being present, to wit: 
Franklin James and Anderson Tucker. 

8. Then called on the committee who were appointed to attend 
at Good Will Church, who reported that they attended and the 
Church made acknowledgments which are satisfactory to this As- 

9. Then appointed Elder Henry Tatum to write the next circu- 
lar letter. 

10. Then attended to the request of Snow Creek Church, and 
appointed Elders John Wilson and George W. McNeely as a 

11. Then agreed that our next Association be held at Buffalow 
Meeting House in Stokes County N. C, to commence on Saturday 
before the 5th Lord's day in October next — Elder Henry Tatum 
to preach the introductory sermon, and in case of failure Elder- 
George W: McNeely. 

Then adjourned by prayer. 

HENRY TATUM, Moderator, 

Wm. Fewel, Clerk, 



Stokes County. £ 
Bvffalow Meeting House, October 17th, 184C, 

1. The Association convened this day at 12 o'clock. Elde 
George W. McNeely preached the introductory sermon from 
Psalms 126 and 3 verse : " The Lord hath done great things for 
us," &c. 

2. Letters from ten churches, were read, and messengers' names 



P3 gd 

ca ■ a 
°J ° 

cr t a* 

x ! a 





c— ^ 



Buffalo \v, 

State Line, 



Mill Creek, 




y A Roads, 

Berry Sisk, Lewis Shel 

ton, Jonas Harvey, 
Joel Hawkins, Franklin 
James, William Hoi 
linsworth, - - - 
Samuel Flipping, Isam 
Barnett, * Jonah Flip 
ping, - - - - 
Pryor Reynolds, *Tho's 

Murphey, *B. Law, 
G. W, McNeely James 
Garrett, Azariah Doss, 
John France, John W. 

Ivy, Gabriel Critz, 
Jesse Frv, *L. G. Hay- 
den, *A. White, Jr, 
John Wilson, William 
Fewel, Charles Tate, 
Francis Fulton, David 
Burton, Zachariah 
Glidewell, - - 
Henry Tattsm,John Ro- 
berts, Tho's Godsey, 







1 32£ 

1 00 

2 50 
2 21 
1 50 

1 00 
1 57t 

1 27| 

71 2 00 


* Absent. 


3 Elders John Conner, Joshua Adams, and Brother James Joyce 
fronxNew River; Elders John Jones and Henry Steele, from Fish- 
er's Rhser; Elders Lewis Snider and Brethren J. Young and J. Will- 
iams, fromAbbotts Creek; Elder J. D. Chandler, from Country Line; 
Elders Silas 1\£inter, Arthur W. Eaves, and Brother Abner Stutts 
from Pig Rivei Association being present, gave satisfactory evi- 
dence of their appointments as Correspondents and took their seats 
with us. 

4. Then chose Elders John Conner, Joshua Adams and George 
W. M'Neely with the Moderator and Clerk a Committee of ar- 

5. Then chose Elders Eaves, Adams and Tatum to preach on the 
Lord's day — worship to commence at 10 o'clock. 

6. Then appointed Brethren Samuel Flipping and Pryor Rey- 
nolds, a Committee of Finance. 

Then adjourned till Monday 9 o'clock. 

The Brethren appointed to pi each on the Lord's day met a large 
concourse of people. Elder Eaves preached from the 1st Epistle 
of John 5th chapter 1st verse: " Behold what manner of love," &c. 
Elder Adams from Mathew 20th chapter, and latter clause of the 
(3th verse: "Why stand ye here idle all the day." Elder Tatum from 
Paul to the Hebrews 2nd chapter and first part of the 3d verse : 
• ; How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation." We be- 
lieve the Gospel was preached in its purity and we hope the happy 
effects of the same will be realized by the congregation. 

Monday 19th. — Met pursuant to adjournment. After prayer by 
the Moderater, proceeded to call over the names of the Messengers, 
read the Rules of Decorum. Then called on the Committee of 
arrangements whose report was received and the Committee dis- 

7. Brethren who were appointed to attend sister Associations re- 
ported satisfactorily and were discharged. 

8. Then called on the Presbytery appointed to attend at Snow 
Creek Church who reported that they found the Brethren Samuel 
Shackleford and Lewis Shelton who were set aside, qualified and 
ordained them to the office of Deacon. 

9. Then attended to the request of Clear Spring Church and ap- 
pointed Elders John Wilson and Henry Tatum, a Presbytery to at- 
tend said Church. 

10. Then attended to the request of the f*! Road Church and ap- 


pointed Elders Henry Talum, George W. M'Neely and John Wil- 
son a Presbytery to attend said Church. 

11. Then called for the circular letter which was read at? d re- 
ceived and Elder George VV. M'Neely appointed to prepare. the 


12. Then called on the Committee of Finance to report, who re- 
ported they had. received the sum or - $15 62 1-2 

The Clerk reported the further sum in his hands of 88 3-4 

$16 51 1-4 

To priniting 500 copies of Minutes $10 51 14 
" Clerk's fees - - - - 6 00 

$16 51 1-4 

13. Then agreed to appoint Correspondents to the following As- 
sociations to wit : Elders George W. M'Neely, John Wilson, Hen- 
ry Tatum and Brethren Samuel Flipping, Isam Barnett, William 
Fewel and James Garrett, to New River ; Elders Geo. W M'Neely, 
Henry Tatum, and Brethren John Roberts and Pryor Reynolds, to 
Country Line; Elders Geo. W. M'Neely, Henry Tatum and Brother 
Andrew White, Jr. to Abbotts Creek Union; Elder Geo. W. M'Nee- 
ly and Brother James Garrett to Pig River; Elders Henry Tatum, 
Geo. W. M'Neely, John Wilson and Brethren John Roberts and 
Samuel Flipping, to Fishers' River. 

14. Then agreed that the next Association be held at Sardis 
Church, in Rockingham county, to commence on Saturday before the 
3d Sunday in May next. Elder Henry Tatum to preach the in- 
troductory sermon, and in case of failure Elder Geo. W. M'Neely. 

15. Then resolved that m future our Fall Association commence 
on the Saturday before the 1st Sunday inOctoberv 

16. Resolved, That we tender our thanks to the neighborhood 
tor their hospitality to us during the Association. 

Then adjourned, HENRY TATUM, Moderator 

Wm. Fewel. Clerk. 


Very Dear Brethren in Christ Jesus, grace, mercy and peace, 
be multiplied unto you : 

As it has been our custom in times past to address you annually 
by a circular, we once more address you in that way. And as you 
have been addressed on many subjects, we feel impressed at this 
time to call your attention to the important subject of brotherly love. 
Love is a theme of the Gospel ; for we find that love implies, or 
means, regard with tenderness of affection. Hence, we find the 
glad tidings sang by the angelic host, that saluted the ears of the 
shepherds by night, was, Glory to God in the highest, on earth 
peace, good will towards men — Luke, n. 14; (regard or tenderness 
of affection,) which was fulfilled when Jesus made his appearance 
in the world. For it is declared in the Gospel that God so loved the 
world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believetk 
in him should not perish, but have everlasting life— John, in, 1C. 
Here then we see the love of God manifest, in that, while we 
were sinners Christ died for the ungodly. Hence the apostle de- 
clares, if God so loved us, we ought to love one another. And a- 
gain, Paul says, Let brotherly love continue. 

Dear brethren if we are the children of God we are nearly relat- 
ed to one another ; being begat again to a lively hope by the resur- 
rection of Jesus Christ from the dead; begat by the same Spirit — 
you hath he quickened, &c; for if we be Christ's then we are A- 
braham's seed and heirs according to the promise; and Joseph, 
who was a tpye of Christ, said, Seeing ye are brethren, see that ye 
fall not out by the way. 

What then is brotherly love 1 Regard with tenderness of affec- 
tion. Dear brethren, we declare unto you that we think we see a 
want of that regard and tenderness ot affection among us ; for when 
brotherly love abounds, we see brethren delight in one anotherV 
company and conversation, and no small thing will keep them at 
home on their church meeting days or other times of public wor- 
ship; we see them delight, in associating together — conversing 
sweetly together. David the servant of God once said, We went 
to the house of God and took sweet counsel together. We read of 
faith that works by love. We are commanded to love without dissim- 
ulation, to abhor that which is evil, to cleave to that which is goo 0, 
Seeing then, brethren, we have been called unto liberty, use no; 
liberty as an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another 
Now the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gen- 
tlenesss, goodness, faith ; against such there is no law. 

Again : when brotherly love abounds, regard with tenderness o'1 


affection is made manifest, and that saying of our blessed Lord is 
confirmed, By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, 
when you have love one towards another. Brotherly love causes us 
to feel for each other and sympathise for each other, pray for each 
other ; brotherly love makes us watch over each other for good and 
not for evii. When brotherly love abounds devotion is delightful, 
the church of God a palace, communion sweet. We then can set 
together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus ; yea, says one, I sat 
down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet 
to my taste. While brotherly love abounds we rejoice with them 
that do rejoice, and mourn with them that mourn ; each one feels 
his brother's care. 

The beloved apostle says, Beloved let us love one another, for 
love is of God; he that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love. 
Again, If we love one another God dwelleth in us. And again, If 
any man say he love God and hateth his brother, he is a liar, for he 
that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love 
God whom he hath not seen 1 And this commandment have we 
from him, that he who loveth God loveth his brother also. Dear 
brethren, examine yourselves and see, examine abroad and see 
whether you find any lack of brotherly love. The lack of brother- 
ly love causes the seats of so many to be vacant on church meet- 
ing days and other days of public worship; duty becomes burden- 
some, our feelings dull— indifference about brethren — carelessness 
about attending divine worship. Brethren, these things ought not 
so to be. 

The word of God tells us that because iniquity shall abound the 
love of many shall wax cold. Doth iniquity abound] have we be- 
come cold'? do we not care for these things 1 are we not giving the 
opposers of the religion of Christ cause to triumph, and the encm y 
cause to rejoice 1 

Brethren, let us say as David the servant of God once said, Re- 
joice not against me, O, mine enemy ; though I fall yet shall I rise 
again. la there not a cause ? Let us search and see. Dear bre- 
thren, let us not be content; let us unite in prayer for one another, 
and for love to increase and abound, and God may visit us once 
more in smiles, warm o^r feelings, unite our hearts more and more 
in love, and enable us to crucify the old man with his deeds, and 
put the aliens to flight; and may we feel and be enabled so to act 
t hat our children an-d all that behold us may say, behold ! how these 
Christians love ! 

May the grace and love of God, and the unity of the Holy Spi- 
rit, be felt and enjoyed by you ail, and an increase of Jove be mani- 
fested, is our prayer, for Christ's sake. Amen.